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hey folks

My name is Stu Tucker

This is my old website, so you should really check out my new one...Any way, I travel all over the UK including Bath, Bristol, Somerset and surrounding areas.

I’am based just on the out-skirts of Bath all my packages include travel with 2 hours of the city of Bath itself. I are also happy to travel abroad. Bath is a beautiful place to have weddings - I have been delighted to have been hired to photograph many weddings around Somerset and also Bristol over the years.


If you’re not precious about your dress, understand the importance of photography for your wedding, well then, we’re gonna get along great and your photos will be absolutely fire! 


I’m super passionate about most things creative to be fair, but I’am also ridiculously passionate about family, weddings & marriage. Also the importance of photography and the roll it play’s for the those who love us. I’m a firm believer that photo’s of you, are not just for you. They are for those who love us, to remember you by. This is why with my work … I don’t mess around with unrealistic edits, I keep things as real as I can, moments as authentic and as genuine as I can, sympathetic to the wedding venue, with a subtle bit of creativity in there for a good measure, making your wedding photography and film timeless & nostalgic. 

Being a wedding photographer in Bath, a historic city located in southwest England, can be a rewarding and challenging experience. The city is known for its picturesque streets, Georgian architecture, and natural beauty, which provides plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photographs.


I’m a wedding photographer ready to capture the intimate and candid moments of the wedding as well as formal fun family shots. It is important to have a good understanding of the local venues and be familiar with the best locations for photography, whether that be in the city centre or in the surrounding countryside.


The city of Bath is also home to many historic and unique venues that can be used for weddings such as The Roman Baths, The Royal Crescent, and The Circus, which offer a unique and iconic background for wedding photography. As a Bath wedding photographer, it is essential to know the places to go with couples to get great photographs in and near these venues in the Bath area.


In addition to the technical skills required for photography, a good wedding photographer shooting in Bath or any where for that matter, should also possess excellent interpersonal skills as they will be interacting with the couple and the wedding party. It's important to be able to put people at ease, be friendly, and professional to make sure that they are relaxed in front of the camera which will result in beautiful, natural photographs.


Bath provides a unique and special opportunity to capture stunning wedding photographs that will be cherished for years to come. It requires a combination of technical skill, creativity, and great people skills to be a successful wedding photographer in Bath - and you’ve found the perfect solution right her for your wedding photography needs! 


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Stu Tucker Wedding Photography, a Bath, Bristol, Somerset and South Wales & South West Wedding Photographer.
I'm Stu, a Bath Wedding Photographer, specialising in Luxury, Timeless, Authentic Documentary and Portrait wedding photography & Videography.

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