John & Megan's Pre-Shoot - Lacock

As part of my package, I offer a pre-shoot for couples when they book their wedding package with me. Its complimentary and they are never obligated to take up the offer. A lot of photographers do this. It's not always easy trying to squeeze in these shoots - many couples are busy with life, as we all are. So I was so happy when we finally got last Sunday booked in for the gorgeous couple!

A pre-shoot gives the couples I the opportunity to have a chat about their plans for the wedding and really get a feel for how I work. Not all pre-shoots are like weddings, although it gives us all a good chance to know what we can expect from the photography on the day - especially as they are of course the main attraction!

John and Megan are such beautiful and deeply in love couple. I know Megan from having worked in the past with her brother Tom. I hadn't met John before - although as soon as I did, I could just tell he was my type of guy. Very funny and very relaxed with the camera, something you normally see with the women in most cases. We drove out to picturesque village Lacock and took a stroll around with the camera in the grounds of the house where Harry Potter was filmed. Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Musem is nestled in the Cotswolds, once home to William Henry Fox Talbot. Not that far from the historic town of Chippenham. It seemed like the perfect setting for a short film and some country photography.

This couple are so much fun! Not only were the chilled, relaxed and laid back but they were easy going in helping me capture a video that was very much a last minute suggestion for them. Please enjoy the Photography and the video. John and Megan are to be married on the 7th of July 2018 at St Andrew, Castle Combe.

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