Sand Jude's

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I always look back on my childhood through a haze of mixed feelings as a grew up. Overall my childhood was filled with happiness, among years of complicated family dilemmas that shape me into the person I am today.

There are often memories that stick in your mind, that for some reason you can't always understand why they have lingered and stayed with you until your an adult. Insignificant memories at first thought.. yet I believe they are the ones that shape our character, ones that we learned lessons from.

Then there are memories that are forgotten. These are made way for the new memories that you will create one day in your adult life, the memories that will stay with your own children in the hope that they two will have a childhood that they remember to have been fun and loving and warm like a sunny day on the beach climbing sand dunes.

I captured my son as he plays in the reeds that that rise above the dune, proud he climbed to the top and was the king of his world that hope him to be in his life to come. It's a cycle that only you understand when children become part of your everyday life.

I love Brean Sands, it reminds me of Caravan Holidays with my dads old red Volvo, screwball ice creams and 50p spades from the shop on the site.

We all need more of life... 6 months of winter are nearly over. Enjoy the summer and make memories.

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