The Charbonniers - 15th September 2018

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Kathrine & Fabien tied the knot in the City of Bath. The Guild Hall is a popular place to get married, It's right in the heart of Bath, Next to the Abbey. It can always be a little tricky shooting a city wedding because even though you are stood there, with a camera pointed at a woman wearing a wedding dress, there is always someone who stands right in front of you... or a tourist checking out your camera's lens. That being said none happen on this day.

Guests arriving...

Katherines Dress was a modified A-line and Sheath, with sequinned symmetrical detailing at the top flowing down with long vertical sequins to foot. Fabien wore a black suit with a white shirt and a pink blush tie with brown soled and black leather brogues.

The guest gathered outside the hall as they arrived, slowly moving inside as the ceremony time drew closer. I made my way back and forward ensuring I captured their arrival and Fabien's anticipation as he waited for his bride to arrive and be called to see the officiant.

Fabien for his moment to arrive...

The ceremony was small yet elegant and sweet, With giggles from the family and Fabien's French charm suavely captivating Katherine as he spoke his words that would cerement their relationship in law. It was cute!

Once the wedding ceremony was over... I grabbed a few images of the couple and their family inside and outside of the guild hall, then we made our way slowly down to Parade Gardens to grab some group shots and portraits.

The Gardens are a great place to do these shot's if planned in advance with the gatekeepers. The sun was high, but I was ken to ensure that I got the beautiful abbey and wier in the shots regardless of the sun direction.

Romantic Bath...

Once the formals and portraits were done we headed back to guild hall while the couple awaited their ride to the reception.

such a cool and elegant couple indeed!

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