The Hillier Wedding

Bristol's Finest....

Jenny and Ben were recommended to me by a friend of mine. It was Jenny whom contacted me to ask me to cover the preparations and the ceremony on their special day. The couple tied the knot at the Old Council House in Bristol.

The day, for me, started with a knock on Jenny's parents front door. As I walked in I noticed how chilled out every one was, even though, now and then, I could tell Jenny was feeling a little nervous as she made me a cup of coffee and we began to chat about the day ahead. I grabbed shots of the wedding decor around the house, then, not long after I arrived, Jenny's makeup artist,, Louisa Baker, arrived. Louisa sat Jenny down and began to pamper her, starting with her makeup and then her hair.

As Jenny's Dad poured the bubbly and baked the croissants the room filled with the smell of celebration. As I clicked my shutter on the camera, it was clear to me how I pictured these edits. Dark blacks and blown out pastels for the portraits.

Her Dad brought down the dress from upstairs, as a photographer I'm always keen to see the dress but it was zipped away ready for the reveal later that morning.

Having taken some shots of the prep and some portraits of Jenny's niece and parents, I shot off around the corner to snap a few of Ben and the boys. Ben was so calm, he was helped by Jenny's brother as they dressed the the couple's two boys ready for the wedding. It was suits and dickie bows for the children... so cute! The grey the boys wore matched perfectly with Bens Blue attire.

After getting some shots of the boys, I headed back to Jenny. It was all go, then there was Jenny... looking like and absolute princess in her long vintage dress with a deep v cut neck line... she looked stunning!

I started with some portraits of the family before jumping back in the car to head into the city for the ceremony.

The Old Council House in Bristol is an incredible building with period features dominating every room. I had been here before, but it was wise to make sure I knew the shots I wanted before the whole family arrived. The receptioist at the registry office was incredibly helpful. He showed me to the areas that he had seen previous photographers use for their couples.

Jenny was held in a room upstairs, so that she wasn't seen by Ben when he arrived, The children played as the adults waited for the registra to arrive to oversee the formalities. I worked my way around grabbing those natural shots that everyone loves so much.

It was time to say "I Do" and as Jenny waited outside of the ceremony room she rested her head on her Dad. With a deep breath, she was ready to see her Groom. Ben was waiting, hands clenched, while everyone anticipated her entrance. It really was so beautiful.

The ceremony was executed with perfect precision, the couple smiled and giggled as their fate was sealed by law. The family watched in beams of joy, you could get lost in moments like these for a life time. Shortly after the ceremony I took some family portraits on the stairs near the entrance of the building, some of the children were more willing to participate than others! We then moved outside to get the all important confetti shot. The wind was cold so I didn't want the party to hang around long, so we headed off to Castle Park for a few portrait shots of the couple before they met their guests in town for a meal.

The whole morning was incredible, from the moment I walked through the door at Jenny's parents house, to the hand shake I gave Ben when I left them at lunch time. I wish them a very happy future together as Mr & Mrs Hillier.

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