The Humphries Wedding

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Well, what can I say! During the first week of March - the UK had some of the greatest snowfall it's had in the last 40 years. Right from the off, this wedding was making headlines. With most of the country snowed in, the Humphries' big day was smack bang in the middle of the coldest March since the 1920's - yet amazingly this did not phase Jenna and Mark! Mark was making the headlines the day before, hitting the local BBC news, going viral on the internet as he called out for a good willing person to collect him in a 4x4 and take him to the beautiful Ochardleigh estate in Frome. The whole county was behind him to help get him to his beautiful bride. It left me in doubt that I would actually get there myself but after using a similar method, a stranger called Alex picked me up from Bath and took me out to the venue. I was amazingly only two hours late!

In the end, the day was a success! To be honest there was absolutely no doubt it wouldn't be! The efforts made by the couples friends and family was incredible, Jenna, of course, stole the show in her amazingly detailed dress and sparkling Jimmy Choo's, The whole day was just perfect from start to finish.

The couple exuded elegance and that reflected in the touches of the day. From a sweetie cart to canapes and bubbly to suit the day. The couple were chilled, excited and in the moment throughout. They way the looked at each other at times made me so excited to be capturing such a romance.

A beautiful couple and a beautiful snowy day! Here are some photos of the day.

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