The Thomas Wedding - 25th August 2018

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I’ve know Bob for some time, he’s the father of my friend Dean. He’s such a lovely guy! So when I took his call asking me to photograph his and Elaine’s wedding I felt truly honoured.

Bob and Elaine’s weddings was at The Grange Mercure Hotel. It was a sunny day - I had explained photographers don’t always like the sun! That being said the day turned out lovely. Not too hot for the couple, a bit of sun and overcast here and there making the photography consistent.

You could really see the magic between these two, I absolutely adore seeing people in love. Isn’t love what we live for!

Elaines dress was beautiful with silk detailing on the shoulders. She looked like a queen and you could see Bob‘s face light up as she walked down the isle.

As the evening drew in... we took some time to go outside and capture some more portraits! The light was perfect for this shot! It became their “Happy One Day Married” photo

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Thomas! Wishing you both many happy years together! Stu x

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