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Visiting Croatia With My Old Lad.

My Break in Split in Croatia with my Dad was great! Here a few pointers for those planning a trip there. And as a creator... how could I not go away and make a video or take some pictures!

I give Split in Croatia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It very much reminded me of Rhodes Town, although main attractions are limited to the marina. It’s very clean and tidy and you can see they work hard to ensure tourists have a beautiful stay. It’s up and coming and you would never of known there was a war only two decades ago!

1. Average Cost of a meal for one £8 - £9 (cheapest we ate out per meal was £5) Croatian food is not Mediterranean in style, it’s very Eastern European, however they very much cater for modern European cuisine - especially in the tourist areas.

2. Beer £3.50 a pint (Not many places do draft)

3. V.A.T rate 25%

3. You can pay in euros but they prefer Kuna (euros are more expensive to spend with) 1 Kuna is worth 12p

4. Croatians are friendly, but they are very direct and don’t beat around the bush. They get to the point.

5. The national parks are great, but be prepared to walk, access is limited with cars to the ones we visited. It’s very hilly. Also even in April they were very busy.

6. From what we could tell near split there isn’t a great deal of beach space. However there is some lovely alcoves to sunbathe. Most of this is small stones and not sand.

7. Rent a car. It’s cheaper to get around than booking excursions. Our car hire was £75 for 3 days in April and a cost of one excursion can be up to €100. From the airport to Split town it’s around 35 mins by car. There are toll roads when out on travels. But from their airport there isn’t!

8. Split airport is small, get there is good time ensure you have a seat.

9. If your the type of people who like roast dinners and English accents on your holiday. Chances are you will struggle. Croatia’s are very accommodating to all nationality’s ... but it’s not Benidorm.

10. Most young people speak English, German and English is very much their second language but a lot of older folks do not speak English. So make sure you brush up on the basic Slavic. People will be more inclined to help you if you are able to initiate a conversation in their own language. As anywhere!

All in all Croatia was lovely, beautiful coastlines, amazing national parks, image is from Krka national park. Entrance was 200HR - I will return, but think split will be a place I visit rather than stay next time.

3 nights from Bristol to Split, staying at Apartment Barka, and 3 day car hire with SIXT, plus parking at Bristol Airport! Booked via easyjet lucky dip and - £169pp

*Kakr National Park Waterfall

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